Legal advice from City Law Associates, We are an experienced law firm based in the Middle East with partners all over Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Middle East and offer legal expertise to both private and business clients.

Commercial Law

Any business relationship creates a contract, whether written, verbal or by action. It is vital to stay in control of these relationships and to ensure that the commercial agreements you have provide a clear way forward for your business.

The balance between ‘protecting your business’ and ‘doing business’ is crucial. We work closely with you to get it right, advising on a broad range of issues that arise in business agreements. We act for companies that both receive and supply goods and services, so we understand critical issues from both perspectives.

Business Agreements

We regularly draft and/or review Service Level Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Joint-Venture Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements as well as governing documents which regulate the manner in which the business conducts its internal affairs. Types of internal business agreement include: Shareholders' Agreements, LLP Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Directors’ Service Contracts.