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Banking & Finance

Every now and then, most businesses need an injection of capital. Often this entails some debt financing through various sources including banks, third party contacts and relatives. But debt relationships are inevitably complex because the interests of the borrower and lender differ.

Bank Finance and Security

Our Banking and Finance team can help you understand the risks associated with lending and/or borrowing money. Throughout your matter we will manage and negotiate the facility arrangements and security relating to the lending to ensure that you are comfortable with the terms and understand your on-going obligations. Whether you’re taking a short term bridging loan, a secured term loan or an unsecured loan, we can guide you through the process and help manage the risks associated with the lending for your business and you personally.

Our experience

Our team comprises lawyers from our corporate, commercial, commercial property and residential property departments.

Our experience is extensive - from small lending matters secured for start-up business all the way up to special purpose lending, relating to multi-million dollar property developments with mezzanine funding arrangements.

Our solicitors are on the panel for several major banks around the world. We have advised clients in lending matters involving all of the main banking institutions and act regularly alongside multiple legal advisers on larger lending transactions.